Gun Mayhem 6


Fight Till Death With The Popular Gun Mayhem 6 Online Game!

Gun Mayhem 6 is an action-packed arena shooting game that will keep you hooked to your screens. Procuring a new powerful weapon by unlocking or reaching new levels makes the game an interesting and a well-balanced one. The cartoony graphics and colorful characters provide the look of an adorable online game.

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The game is extremely easy to play. The Arrow keys can be used for movement and you need to use the “W” key to Jump and the “D” key to pick up a weapon. These controls can also be customized as per your preference from the main menus. There are several modes in the game that will keep you captivated to the game. These modes have been discussed below:

  • Elimination: In the Elimination Mode, the last alive player wins the game.
  • Team Elimination: You need to play in teams in this mode and the last team that is alive, wins the game.
  • DeathMatch: In this mode, you need to score more by killing the enemies. The player that has the highest score wins the game.
  • Team DeathMatch: Similar to the previous mode, except that you will be working in teams.
  • Capture the Flag: In this mode, you need to capture the flag of your opponents and take it to your flag. You will be able to score points by this performance.
  • Control Points: Here, you need to capture and hold the control points by standing next to it, and for that you will earn scores.

You will be provided with several maps in the game and some of the most interesting ones are Space Prison, Tree Village, Two Bases, Village under Siege, etc. The game also provides innumerable arms and ammunitions. These weapons make the fights in the battlefield exciting. You can purchase numerous powerful weapons from the game shop like Blaster, Shotgun, Sniper, etc. Some of the weapons like Grenade, Rocket, Shell, Beam Gun, etc. are locked. As you keep progressing in the game you will be able to unlock them. Moreover, once your game avatar acquires loads of XP, you can turn a weapon to Gold, which is the in-game currency.

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There are 18 levels in the game that will become tricky and tough as you keep succeeding in the game. So, to make your game a bit simpler here are some tips and tricks that you could follow:

  • Try to unlock all missions in the Campaign Mode.
  • There might be a price displayed for unlocking the weapons but don’t bother as most of them are for free.
  • Try to procure as many Top Tier weapons as you can in the game because they speed up the process of killing.
  • In case you obtain the Low Tier weapon, try to swap them out with the better ones.

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Overall, the Gun Mayhem 6 is an engrossing game for all gamers; irrespective of them being a novice or a professional. A casual gamer can play the ‘easy’ game mode while the professional gamer could indulge in the ‘hard’ game. So, it’s time for On Your Mark, Get Set, and Go!

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