Gun Mayhem 5

Gun Mayhem 5 Will Keep You Busy With Action!

If you are passionate about online games, Gun Mayhem 5 offers plenty of action that can keep you busy for hours. This game is a sequel to the classic action game Gun Mayhem 4. You can battle your way to the 15 new campaign levels with the help of the latest weapons that are available. Unlike other action games where there is no plot, Gun Mayhem 5 has an intriguing gameplay that ensures tons of fun for hours. The game incorporates intensive battlefield fights and actions that can keep you occupied and help you unwind.

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Gun Mayhem 5 includes 13 new characters that make up the storyline and to get all the characters you need to complete several challenges. You can unlock the ‘Kill It With Fire’ achievement to obtain the white Weebl character, and you get purple and white Dad ‘n’ Me character when you unlock Kapow achievement. On unlocking achievement Zero Gravity you get Futility character and on completing Architect achievement you get Ragin Brain. You also get Tank Man when you finish 10 death matches separately. These characters help you to move forward in the gameplay and make your gaming experience better.

The controls of the game are very simple and easy to use and make Gun Mayhem 5 one of the simplest action games. To make movements like up, down, right, and left, you can use the arrow keys from the keyboard. There are two kinds of attack in the game. For the first attack, you can use the ‘Z’ key on the keyboard and for the next attack you can use the ‘X’ key on the keyboard. To drop the weapon you can use the ‘D’ key on the keyboard and to pause the game, you can press the spacebar key.

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Gun Mayhem 5 consists of 15 new levels that can keep you busy for quite some time. All the levels in the game can be unlocked by completing certain challenges and unlocking new characters. Moreover, the game has around 29 different weapons that can be used to win the game, and to cross all the 15 levels. The weapons include Tommy Gun, Ninja Stars, Bowling Ball, Cherry Bombs, Blow Darts, Pitchforks, Rakes, Plank, Cannon, Health Leech, Flame Thrower, Dark Energy, and various other weapons.

There are three game modes in Gun Mayhem 5 that users can choose from. Campaign Mode is where players need to fight through the arena and then face the boss at the end of every level. Deathmatch Mode and Survival Mode is where you can play on your own rules and make more money.

To make the most of the game, always make sure that you are in the air and tap the down arrow which will help you to stomp your opponents. You may then want to punch upwards and do aerial backflip to ensure you are safe and you can continue beating your opponents. These simple yet effective tips will help you in enjoying the game to the fullest. Keep playing and enjoying!

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