Gun Mayhem 4


Gun Mayhem 4: An Engrossing Online Shooting Game!

If you are looking for a unique and exciting online shooting game for this weekend then you can consider playing the Gun Mayhem 4! The game revolves around selecting a badass character and fighting in the arena with your opponents. In the battlefield, you will come across random boxes that contain health potions, powerful weapons, and higher jumps. These boxes should be unlocked as and when they appear on your screen so that you can make your game more interesting.

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The controls of the Gun Mayhem 4 are simple. The Arrow keys have to be used for movement, wherein the Up key is for Jump and the Down key is for Block. The Left and Right key will help in moving to the left and right side respectively. The ‘Z’ key is for Attack 1 and the ‘X’ key is for Attack 2 and the Space key is for pause. If you want you can change all these controls through the Settings Menu.

There are 29 weapons, 18 characters, and 15 levels provided in the game. As you keep reaching new levels, there will be several weapons that will automatically get unlocked. These innumerable and interesting levels will keep you engrossed in the game. The Gun Mayhem 4 provides you with three different modes to play:

  • Campaign Mode: In this mode, you have to defeat the boss of each arena so that you can unlock numerous weapons, characters, and levels.
  • Deathmatch Mode: Here, you need to work in a team and create your own custom game, rules, and settings.
  • Survival Mode: In this mode, you have to defeat several opponents and submit your score card to the score board.


There are several achievements in the game, and you have to use different tactics to unlock them. Once they are unlocked you will get innumerable powerful weapons and extra characters that will enhance your gaming experience. The Recycler Achievement can be unlocked by killing your opponent with the weapon that your friend or enemy drops. This will enable you to unlock infinite amount of ammo.

The KAPOW! Achievement can be unlocked by pressing and holding the ‘Z’ key for a few seconds and then letting it go. The key will enable you to hit your opponent with a strong punch. Through this Achievement you will be able to unlock Hominid.

The Immortal Achievement will make you eternal. So, even if you get hurt in the battlefield, it won’t matter. You have 5 lives and your lives will remain the same till you complete the game. This achievement will enable you to unlock 2x Damage Mode.

>>Click Here To Play Gun Mayhem 4<<


Similarly, there are many more achievements in the game like the Zero Gravity, Architect, Veteran, Fantastic 5, Magic Number, etc. that will help you in unlocking various characters and weapons. Overall, the Gun Mayhem 4 has the capability to keep you hooked to your screens with its unique gameplay and amazing graphics. If you enjoy playing online games then you should indulge yourself in the wonderful world of Gun Mayhem 4.

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